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It all started when the two young entrepreneurs, whose friendship began at the University of Vienna in early 2000, moved to Istanbul independently in 2010. Once there, each of them initially followed their own path and gained experience in the Turkish business life, including advising especially German-speaking companies on establishing a market presence in Turkey. Domestic companies were also actively supported and looked after in the areas of sales marketing and business development.

As project managers, both acted as a bridge between Turkey and Europe for many years. They are experienced in a wide variety of sectors, including commercial real estate, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and many more. Furthermore, they have advised a wide variety of customers over the years and implemented projects of all sizes efficiently and successfully. It was only a logical consequence to bundle all of their experiences under “Metoconcept” and to pursue further projects independently.

With their enthusiasm for topics such as interior decoration, furniture and accessories, they have seen that furniture and decorative items made in Turkey are preferred abroad. They bring their experiences, their common and at the same time different tastes, into every project in a harmonious way.

Metoconcept aims to present minimalist, original and movable furniture, decorations and accessories with a wide variety of designs that can be used both indoors and outdoors in new environments.

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